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During the Sprint Planning that is moving ahead, the Development Team has become aware they won’t be able to finish the work for all selected Sprint Backlog items. Which two of the following are usually the best actions?
What is the Scrum role who know the most about the project performance?
Always must be a Release after each Sprint.
The Development Team and the Product Owner are not working together at all. What should the Scrum Master do?
What’s the main responsibility of the Project Manager?
When is a backlog item considered complete?
Which are three responsibilities of a self-organizing team?
The Product Owner decides how many Product Backlog items should be selected for next Sprint.
The CTO of your organization and one of the most important clients ask some members of the Development Team to add a new feature in the middle of the Sprint. What should they do?
When we have more risk we need longer Sprints.


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